Favorite Ghanaian Dishes

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Favorite Ghanaian recipes

Ghanaian dishes are mostly starchy staple foods which goes with either soup or stew(sauce) mainly protein. Examples of which are fufu and palmnut soup origination from among the Akans which are the twi speaking people, banku and okro stew among the volta regions, kenkey and fried fish among the Ga's, ripe or green plantain with kontomire (cocoyam leaves), etc.

Banku and okro soup/pepper sauce with Tilapia

This food is now mostly enjoyed among all the tribes in Ghana. Banku is a staple food made out of fermented corn and with or without cassava dough. And okra soup is the sauce made of fresh vegetables, mainly okro, tomatoes,onions,pepper,red oil and assorted meats and fish( dried or fresh). This cuisine has a larger part of carbohydrate which is very typical of most Ghanaian dishes. Its mostly eaten as lunch or dinner. Make your own by visiting myafricanmart.com

Green plantain with kontomire stew(cocoyam leaves)

Plantain and kontomire stew is a very healthy ghanaian cuisine enjoyed amongs the akans. These are the people from the middle or central part of Ghana. It is fresh plantain peeled and boiled with salt and eaten with sauces made with cocoyam leaves,onions,tomotoes,pepper,sauteed dried tilapia(koobi) and palm oil and assorted meat (optional). Some people also enjoy this meal with sliced alvocado. This cuisine is very healthy since it has a good blend of all the food nutrients and even more especially vitamins and fiber which is dominant in the plantain. Its usually fast to prepare and good to enjoy when hot. Shop at myafricanmart.com to prepare your dish.

Fufu and palmnut soup

Fufu and palmnut soup originally originated from the Ashanti's but eaten across the lenghth and breath of Ghana. The staple food is fufu and it is eaten with soup of any choice but the concerntration of this article is on palm-nut soup. This soup is made out of palm butter that has been extracted the palm-nut, onions, tomatoes, pepper, assorted meats and smoked or dried fish. Fufu is made from either cassava and plantain, cocoyam or only plantain beaten in a mortar with a pistel till it becomes soft and molded into round balls or irregular sizes and served with the palm-nut soup. The main nutrient in this cuisine is carbohydrate. This cuisine is enjoyed mostly as lunch or dinner. Buy everything you need to prepare this food http://myafricanmart.myshopify.com/collections/all


Waakye is boiled rice and beans with indigenous leafs for purple color (optional) and it usually eaten with hot pepper sauce and tomatoes stew(sauce) and with either fried ripe plantain, gari( fried grated cassava) boiled macaroni and undressed salad.  This cuisine is eaten across board and enjoyed mostly in the hot afternoons or morning. The main base is carbohydrates and protein(from beans). Get all your groceries at http://myafricanmart.myshopify.com/collections/all



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