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Get the Best and Highest Quality of Ghanaian or Nigerian Groceries at Great Prices

Are you a West African living in the United States looking for your favorite Ghanaian or Nigerian groceries that you greatly missed? Then, there is no need for you to search high and low because you can now get all that you need at myafricanmart for prices that will surely fit your budget!

There are many West Africans staying in United States who cannot help but to feel a bit homesick every now and then. And when you simply miss your native land, one of the things that you will surely crave for are the foods that you enjoy eating, most of which cannot really be found in the US. Good thing that today, West Africans residing in the US can find all the groceries that they love by just myafricanmart online Thanks to the existence of the internet, shopping for your favorite Nigerian and Ghanaian groceries has never been this easy!

Ghanaian Foods and Groceries Within Reach

The usual staple foods in Ghania’s southern regions include plantain and cassava. As for the northern part, the primary staple foods of the people include sorghum and millet. Beans, maize and yam are being used all over Ghana as their all time favorite staple foods. Cocoyam and sweet potatoes are also regarded as a crucial part of the cuisine and diet of the Ghanaians. With the extensive popularity of globalization, crops like wheat and rice are now being more commonly added to the traditional Ghanaian cuisine. Some of the usual Ghanaian foods that many US-based Ghanaians are probably missing include Yam, Waakye, Banku, Kenkey, Sardines, Fufu, Gari and Tuozaafi.

Top Nigerian Groceries and Foods for All West Africans

The Nigerian cuisine is basically composed of food items or dishes from over hundreds of different ethnic groups that make up Nigeria, another nation in West Africa. Similar to other countries in West Africa, Nigerian dishes are composed of herbs and spices together with groundnut oil or palm oil in order to create richly flavored soups and sauces that are usually made very hot complete with chili peppers. The Nigeriann feasts are very lavish and colorful while the roadside snacks and aromatic market fried in oil or cooked on barbecues come in various and plentiful options. The all time favorite Nigerian foods include Yam Flour, Honey Beans, Maggi Star, Gari Ijebu, Stock Fish, Peak Milk and different smoked fish.

All of these and more Nigerian and Ghanaian groceries are now made available at My African Mart, the official one stop shop especially created for West Africans in the United States who want to enjoy their country’s rich cuisine even if they live from afar. With the special priority mail service, shopping for your favorite West African foods is made even more convenient and hassle free! Shop now at

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